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From: George Greer (
Date: 01/04/00

Great, has almost degenerated into 'not my problem.' Well, anyway, can
someone that actually uses zMUD try his suggestion?

George Greer

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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 12:19:40 -0700
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I think it is very possible that the unix clients just happen to send the
CR/LF in the same packet as the password.  As indicated in my posting, I
have written my network library myself so it doesn't have anything in common
with what other clients might be using.  The only think in common is using
the Windows Winsock.  While a bug in Winsock is possible, your's is the only
MUD that has reported a problem like this.

To verify if the problem is related to the telnet option negotiation, turn
off the Telnet Emulation option in the Emulation Preference page in zMUD.
If the prompt is still doubled, then there is a problem on the MUD server
with getting the CR/LF in a different packet.  I *did* verify that the CR/LF
is sent in a different packet when using the autologin feature in zMUD.  If
this is what is causing the problem, then it is definitely something that
needs fixing on the MUD server end and not in the clients.


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Date: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 2:45 AM
Subject: Re: -Bug Report- made at the website.

>On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, Zugg wrote:
>>[...] I *highly* recommend that you take a look at the MUD server code
>>rather than trying to notify a dozen MUD clients about it.  It's a lot
>>easier to fix your end then to wait for us to modify our clients.
>It already works in every Unix client I've tried so far.  This includes, to
>my knowledge: Telnet, TinTin++ (even ancient v1.5), and TinyFuge.  This
>leaves some Windows clients not working and most (I won't say all, since I
>can't be sure) Unix clients working. It sounds odd, but many programs have
>common bugs.
>We may include a workaround for it, but we know things won't get fixed that
>way if there is indeed a bug.
>George Greer

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