Re: Wierd who error

From: Jon A. Nielsen (
Date: 01/05/00

> Manafort wrote:
> >
> > act.informative.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
> You should never use a symbol that starts with an underscore (_) then a
> capital letter or two underscores (__) and as a general rule of thumb
> don't use one that starts with any underscores period.  Those names are
> reserved for implementation use and can clash with the implementation.

Er, no, it just means that he made a reference to 'who_usage' without
providing a definition in act.informative.c. I'm sure somewhere when he was
compiling he received an error about the undefined function; always, always
fix all warnings, because they often can lead to confusing errors or
un-expected behaviour later on. Check your code for that.

Jon A. Nielsen
Lazarus of Spear of Insanity MUD

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