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Date: 01/11/00

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Sergio Garcia wrote:

> should have. I think the classical ones would be good, like circle to html,
> map generator, and others... I want to hear some opinnions.
A project We started at some point, but for some reason never got on. A
dynamic Editor.

In our project we wanted the whole setup to become more or less dynamic,
e.g. you want a worldfile with a specific format, you simply had an ini
file with that format in. Our project unfortunately stranded somewhere in
the design phase, so no real programming was done.

I don't build offline, but from my builders I hear that an Offline builder
shouldn't need an executable update when the Coder puts in new flags (Also
because that might be difficult with someone elses Editor :).

Suggestion: make it possible to read some sort of startup file (I believe
they're called ini files in Windows. :). Where the Builder can specify
what flags have what value. Of course The Builder shouldn't do this, but
have it easily accessible via ftp/web or email from the coder.

SPEC      0
ISNPC     3
BLIND     1

Perhaps even the constants texts could be put in..


And so on so instead of the raw FLAG names, they get a nice text..

Oh well.. just my 2 cents..


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