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From: Adam G Dobrinin (
Date: 01/11/00

speaking of OLC.  I am using Circle 3.0 BPL 16 on a win98 machine and
cannot find OasisOLC anywhere, i tried some of the ones on and even tried patching on my own but it don't work.  I
need the code to add to and remove from all the files necessary.
basically I need specific instructions for patching my circle version.
if anyone could help me please, i am desperate.

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 16:23:26 -0800 "Daniel A. Koepke"
<dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM> writes:
> On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Kanocz Alexander wrote:
> > I'm real newbie in MUD administration. I've installed CircleMUD
> v.30bpl16
> > onto Linux Mandrake 6.1 (RedHat clone). I would like to start with
> area
> > coding. I read documentation and i feel still fuzzled. On my
> previous MUD it
> > was very easy with @gid and @describe. Could you help me out to
> code some
> > area ? Is there any program running under linux or windowz, which
> can help
> > me ?
> There are various Online Creation ("OLC") patches for CircleMUD,
> including
> the menu based OasisOLC and Samedi's command line based OLC (I'm not
> certain of the name).  Check around in the
> /pub/CircleMUD/contrib/olc/
> directory of  In addition, for in-game
> programmability
> of mobiles ("machines" or "puppets" or "NPCs") you'll want to check
> out
> DGscripts, also available somewhere within the contrib/ directory of
> the
> FTP site.  None of this stuff is included by default into CircleMUD
> (at
> least, not yet), as the current effort is to fix broken code, not
> introduce more of it.
> However, you seem to be much more familiar with TinyMUD style games,
> and
> you can obtain that sort of game from other places --
> is one
> such place, although it only carries mostly out-of-date stuff.
> Better
> would be to go for TinyMUSH 3.0 from
> > And one more question I would like to put obvious exits to the end
> of
> > look printout. Is there any easy way ?
> Type "autoexits" within the game (or a reasonable abbreviation
> thereof) to
> get a short form appended to the descriptions.  Someone else sent a
> message explaining how to have it set on all new players.  :)
> -dak /
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