Re: Forking - a few queries

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 01/12/00

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Dan Argent wrote:

> Thought - A mud within a mud? Seems like you could have a development
> Mud inside another sharing world and playerfiles, or am I just plain
> wrong...?

Well, there's some question as to which process handles the connections.
In my experience, the child process becomes greedy (or dominant), and
accepts all new connections -- thus, the connections are made to the child
process and disconnected when someone shutdowns the child.  Regardless,
since they're both waiting for connections on the same IP address and
port, you can't control (or assume) which one gets what.  New connections
to either are not shared inbetween, and there's a number of other
questions and situations that might cause some problems.

Just as useful and much more trivial would be a seperate development Mud
running on a seperate port that your developers would connect to, or,
even, a development Mud running with a PF_UNIX (i.e., internal to the
computer) connection, that is connected to by the main server when a
developer on the main server goes into "wizard" mode.  In this way, your
main server acts as a hub, connecting the Public Mud (which happens to be
contained within the hub itself), and the Developer Mud (which, in common
parlance, would be connected to the hub by a spoke :).


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