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From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 01/13/00


> >I want to be able to send mail without having to be in the post office. I
> >already made it so you can recieve mail outside of the office, but i cant
> >figure out how to send it. any ideas?

I dunno, you *could* try something like this:

  room_vnum current_room, postal_room;

  one_argument(argument, arg);

  if (!*arg) {
    send_to_char("To whom are we mailing?");

  current_room = IN_ROOM(ch);
  postal_room = 1205;  /* or wherever your postal centre may reside */

  char_to_room(ch, postal_room);

  sprintf(buf2, "mail %s", arg);
  command_interpreter(ch, buf2);

  char_to_room(ch, current_room);

or something.  No guarantees it'll work, but basically for mortals (we'll
assume Immortals will use "at 1205 mail$*") the possible way might be to
teleport them from any room to a mail room, and back again.

That, or rewrite the spec_proc *shudder*....:)


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