Death Gate's Events scripting problem

From: Lucas Carsenlaw (jomortimer@PTMC.NET)
Date: 01/14/00

Recently, all the triggers on my mud that use or anything
starting with %actor seem to refer to the person who last connected to the
mud, rather than to the person who actually activated the trigger.  I'm not
really sure when this started happening, and I have not been able to see any
warnings when compiling or errors in syslog when running circle.  I use
FreeBSD 3.4-STABLE, bpl14, olc1.6, and dg pl5a.  If anyone has had this
problem, and corrected it, or if anyone could just tell me if they have any
idea what part of the code I should be looking at, it would be _*/GREATLY/*_

       Thanks in Advance,

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