Re: dak's previous message titled RE: [Circle]Player Positions

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 01/16/00

This is all good and all but the thing I like most about CircleMUD is that
it's extremely easy to figure out.  That's the whole reason I am using it
and not some other code base.  Yeah, I'll admit sometimes its a pain to
have to go through and fix a ton of .mob or .obj files but I can actually
code the MUD to *my* liking seens how I don't know C++ only C.
I think the biggest sell point for Circle is it's easy to use and change.
Some of the things you were talking about completely through me for a loop.
(Possible since I don't get into C++ and advanced programming till next
week.)  And why change to a different language?  C/C++ are the most used
language next to Assembly (from what my teacher told me.)
I guess what I'm tryin to say is that I like CircleMUD the way it is
(language wise and all).  I mean it has it's quirks but all-in-all it's
My 14 dollars & 33 cents (to quote one of my Imms.)

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