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Date: 01/17/00

attached is the file i uesed to add new levels to bpl 14

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<< I got a text file on how to add levels for bpl11, i have bpl14...And the=20
guide wasn=B4t very useful for me but i tried anyway and i didnt make it.
 Is there any guide for bpl14?
 If its not, shall i change more files then class.c to add more levels? >>


        How to add levels for a BASICLY STOCK CIRCLEMUD
I have put together a how-to on adding levels that is more=20
condensed and easier to get through than the levels.doc or
whatever it is called.  Please note that these changes will
not work 100% of the time, but it just happened to work fine
for me when I was just getting started (ie, a minimaly modified
version of circlemud30bpl11).  Some knowledge of arrays is required
for this, not much though.  Hope it helps.

***************P-WIPE WILL BE REQUIRED**************************************=

1) Open <structs.h>.  Find where LVL_IMPL is defined.  Change the 34
(max_level) to the highest level you would like to have=20
(ie, Level Implementor).

2) Follow suit with the rest of the immortal level definitions.  For=20
example, if you wanted to have 100 mortal levels and 6 god levels:

#define LVL_IMPL       106
#define LVL_CREATOR    105
#define LVL_GRTGOD     104
#define LVL_GOD        103
#define LVL_LSSRGOD    102
#define LVL_IMORT      101

This would be what you have (You can pick your own names for god level
definitions, but be warned **Numerous places in the code will have to
be changed if you rename any of the original four**). Close <structs.h>. =20

3) Open <class.c>.  Look for=20
"const int thaco[NUM_CLASSES][LVL_IMPL + 1] =3D {".  Underneath this, you=20
will see a set of 35 numbers (the filler for the array).  You must redo
your thaco charts to add more levels.  However, if you are uncertain of
what this means or don't want to perfect your thaco charts at this very
moment, simply add the appropriate number of integers.  You can tell how
many additional numbers you need by subtracting the current number of the
highest level of your mud by your desired highest level=20
(ie, 106 - 34 =3D 72).  You want 106 levels, you have 34, you need to add
72 more  integers to the array, thaco.

4) Find the function "titles" in <class.c>.  This is the array that holds
default titles for leveling and the amount of xp needed to gain for that
certain level.  It is held in this format:
{{"the man (0)","the woman (0)"},
 {"the newbie (1)","the newbie (1)"},
 etc, etc, etc.
You need to add the appropriate number of titles to this array.  Once again,
you can use the (new_level_high - old_level_high) to find out how many
additions you need.  Keep in mind that you need to have a prepared idea
of titles and level exp incriments.

5) You must delete all *.objs files.  They are located in=20
(path)/lib/plrobjs/ in all the alphabatized directories.  After
you get those wiped out, return to the lib/etc directory and remove
the file called players (P-WIPE!!).  Log onto your mud and you will
be an implementor, hopefully at the maximum level that you want your
MUD to have.

If you are having any Coding problems, or want to tell me ways this
could be a better document (which I know it could), mail me at

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