autorun overhaul

From: Ryan Le Gros (
Date: 01/18/00

Since the topic of the autorun script has popped up I have a question
regarding it. How could I successfully Cron the autorun script without
causing problems? At this point in time we have begun rewriting the script
into a c file so we may compile it and cron the binary. The server we are
currently hosted on has been having hardware problems which are in the
process of being resolved, however I want to prevent the mud from going down
in the future when the server does without coming back up as the server
does. I tried cronning "pidof -x autorun || /directorytocircle/autorun"
however this seems to crash the mud if the mud for any reason needs to enter
sleep mode, with a bind error (obviously because ht eport is in use) What I
want to do is cron autorun  so it restarts after the server goes back up if
noone is around to restart it themselves. The problems encountered are with
sleep mode as the script does not die on a crash, I am not entirely sure
whats going on or why this command should cause the mud not to boot but
anyone elses input would be appreciated. Is the only way to fix this problem
by rewriting autorun as a binary and having it use a pid file to replace
sleep mode? Or am I overlooking something obvious (or maybe not so obvious).

Malevolent of IllusionMUD

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