Re: OLC, etc.

From: StormeRider (
Date: 01/18/00

Thanks for the URL. However, it seems like the current version of the OLC
(OLC+-2.1a) is for bpl15. Is there a more current version for bpl16

I'm assuming that the "complete package" contains all the social, help,
guild, world, mob, obj, zone, and file editors previously kicked around,
but bundled together in one chunk and with DG scripts as well? It didnt
seem to say exactly what all it included in the README.README.README!
(which threw my Linux bash shell into a hissy fit when I tried to more it

Also, searching for OLC 2 on the developer site didn't give me a link to
George's OasisOLC. Is OLC+ based on Oasis, and this Tony was just the
person to collect everything together?

Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a bit.


Does anyone know if there is a mechanism to convert Circle areas to ROM
2.X, or vice versa? Just curious since I also code on a ROM MUD.


On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Alex wrote:

> > What are the recommended patches for OLC, DeathGate scripts, etc.?
> This is Ceramic Mouse.  Has pretty much everything you asked about.
> Ae.
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