Re: DG Scripts

From: Del (
Date: 01/18/00

hehehehe, I am sure others would not mind if you did this.

If I get bored enough, I will attempt it, but I would rather
include other patches too (aedit, percentages, etc)

I just patched aedit to what I had, but mine is modified with
levels, and some unique code. So, I would have to start over
again :(

StormeRider wrote:
> Couldn't one take a bpl15, add oasis2 & scripts, and then up to bpl16,
> and generate a patch off of that based on a clean bpl16?
> --StormeRider
> At 10:53 PM 1/15/00 -0500, Del wrote:
> >Being scripts are made for bpl15, there will be lots of rej's
> >I took bpl15, put in oasis 2 and scripts, then upped it to 16.
> >A lot less rejects.

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