bpl17 snapshot

From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 01/20/00

Since there's a rather ugly crash bug in the current patchlevel that is
caused by another rather ugly set of code, I'll be expediting the current
release to Sunday instead of March.


.tar.gz is the committed stuff.
.patch.gz includes the stuff I haven't committed as well.

Currently, not committed includes:

[...snipped...] [1]

Whether or not specific sections of the above make it, I can't say.

I don't particularly want the BROKEN_BUT_COMPATIBLE section.

If you're wondering about the crash, type 256 $ symbols.  The fix is in the
non-committed section.

George Greer            | The Ceramic Mouse & Snippets
greerga@circlemud.org   | http://developer.circlemud.org/

[1] It'll be in the /cvs/ directory because of the 200 line limit.

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