Re: VI editor

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/21/00

Peter Babcock wrote:
> Hi All
> i was just wondering if any one knows of an editor for windows
> just like VI

Check the djgpp site (, I believe they have a whole
bunch of Unix programs there that have been ported to Windows.  You can
also get a Windows port of VI at the following FTP site...

> why u might ask well in South Africa we pay for each min we are online
> so i like to do coding off line and if i edit the circle code in a windows
> program like notepad or wordpad it leaves funny chars at the end of the line
> and well u can imaging what the linux compiler thinks of that

And a ported editor will most likey give you the same problem as this is
not a problem with the Windows editors, but with the difference in the
DOS/Windows and Unix text file formats.  Unix text files end each line
with a \n (linefeed) character, and DOS/Windows ends each line with a
\r\n (carriage return/line feed) combination.  The best solution is to
get a dos2unix filter which will simply convert the text file from the
DOS/Windows format to the Unix format, then all you have to do is run
your files through the filter after you edit them.  You can get dos2unix
on the following FTP site...

Regards, Peter

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