Re: [QUESTION] About Classes

From: Axiem (
Date: 01/21/00

> I would like to change classes this way.
> When you log to game you will not be able to choose class, but you'll be
> loged in as a "wanderer" w/o any abilities. You'll be able to join/leave any
> class in it's guild room. You'll probably lose some practices and exps, when
> left guild ...
> Did anyone tried something similar ?
> Any suggestion ?

Well, what I plan to do [in the near future, when I get some time and
Linux can use my modem] is basically get rid of classes and make
jobs--same theory, though. But instead of selecting and such, you can
find crystals (adding another equipment position for this), which, when
equipped, turn you into a certain 'job'/'class' (probably will use class
eventually). Would require me to do not as much coding overall with
class change, so I can focus more on experience and skills and such. You
could do something similar, where the class position is filled with an
item that can't be taken off or something, unless a guildmaster does it
for you. Just another way to do it, without messing around with a whole
bunch of code, mainly spec procs here..the guildmasters would have to do
some fancy stuff, though. It's an open thing, so pick your path. There
is no spoon.


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