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From: Tony Maro (
Date: 01/22/00

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From: Daniel A. Koepke

>Really, I can't see why VB caught on for anything -- BASIC is basically
>(heh) dead.  Not as much as, say, PASCAL (why does Delphi live on?!)

Delphi lives on because there are still database programmers out there
who hate VB as much as you and I do.  Actually, in addition to my
exploits with Circle, I'm working on a graphical MUD in Delphi.

I love the object oriented implementation, and I'm very familiar with
the syntax, only mildly so with C++.  I've also worked out a system
that allows me to swap out entire sections of server code while the
game is still running.  If I want to change the way spells work, I just
upload the new spells module and tell the game to replace it's code,
without bumping everyone out for reboot - there's about a one second
pause in the game and then BOOM, new code.  AND, I can still reference all
of the game objects from inside these modules... something you can't do
with a standard DLL.  (ref: Delphi .BPL files)


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