[NEWBIE] patch

From: Isac Jinton (isac.jinton@telia.com)
Date: 01/23/00

When i started to build on my mud like 3-4 weeks ago,
 i didnt start with bpl16 but with bpl14.... Because i got some
 error while configuring bpl16, (couldent create executables)
 So i just started with an old version that worked for me :-)

Now i have been adding alot of stuff and im afraid to lose
 alot of code if i
 patch it up to 16 or 17.... Am i going to loose alot of stuff
 if i patch it up?
Is it better to start all over?
Well i dont wanna do that because of the hours it took for me
 to get it like it is now, and the only thing i miss is Hedit.
Can i take the code for that in bpl16 and then code it into my version?

Finally i wanna thank the guys who made circlemud, cuz they are doing such a great job!

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