Re: [CODE] Object OLC apply limits (Oasis 2.0)

From: Jerry Billings (
Date: 01/23/00

I just added the code and I attempted to compile it here is the error i get.

C:\Windows\Desktop\circle16\circle\src\oedit.c(980) : error C2223: left of
'->player' must point to struct/union

and here is the line

if (GET_LEVEL(ch) != LVL_IMPL) {

I've tried everything I can think of (with my limited newbie ideas) and I
cant seem to find a fix. If anyone can help me it would be greatly
appreciated, also please explain why the fix works if you can, as "left of
'-> player' must point to struct/union" is a common error I get and I'd like
to know how to fix it. Thank you very much.


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