Re: Ethics.

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 01/23/00

Adam G Dobrinin wrote:
> Is it unethical for an administrator to log all users passwords?

An advantage to this is:
Security reasons - you log all the passwords and you're checking to make
sure no obvious ones are being entered (eg username fred, password
fred)  means you can stop fools entering easy to guess passwords.
However you could write code to check basic things, eg it's not in the
dictionary etc.

Disadvantage, and probably the major unethical thing (which I'd
certainly not be happy about):
By logging passwords it's possible you'll gain their passwords to other
muds and sites.  A lot of people use the same password for mudding, ICQ

It's a case of you deciding, but finding out the admin of a mud knew my
password would upset me, and cause me grief to have to change it


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