Re: Ethics.

From: Lazarus DragonBlade (
Date: 01/24/00

I really can not see any reasonable need to log a players passwords, if they
enter in an easy to guess password, and something happens to their
character, it is their loss, not theirs.  As far as the 'I lost my password'
complaint goes, that is why
set <player> passwd
exists. Although, in most cases, players should't lose their password to
begin with, if they do happen to lose it, I beleive that under most
circumstances they should have to take it as a loss.

>I've been on several muds where the passwords were logged just to cut down
>on the annoying "I lost my password" requests.  but most of them also
>logged email addy's and had a program to email the pwd's back.
>About the only reason I can think for doing it.

Personally, I would not be on any mud if i discovered they logged passwords,
regardless of how long i had been there before.

My 2 cents,

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