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Date: 01/24/00

At 12:36 PM 1/24/00 +0100, you wrote:
>On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Peter Ajamian wrote:
>Have someone thought of the posibility to have players have the same name
>(I.e. Two players called Svenn)? As far as I can see, it shouldn't be that
>much of a hassle, but have anyone done any thinking in that
>area? Pros/Cons?

Sure thing on the Con. If you're a PK MUD, then it's a bit hard for you to
down harassment reports (unless you're a pure PK MUD where anything goes).
I've seen enough confusion between Atreus and Atreaus on the MUD I code on,
and that leads me to believe that having the same name would be quite open
to abuse.

The idea is an interesting one, but might perhaps be acheived via some sort of
introduction/greeting/appearance code.


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