Re: OT: AP Computer Science

From: Zeavon Calatin (
Date: 01/24/00

> Hey all I have my AP midterm on tursday, and seeing as there
> seem to be some
> smart people on this list, I was wondering if there was
> anyone out there who
> has taken the AP Computer Science exam (in any programing
> lang.) , and if
> you have any tips for taking the test
> I know its justa midterm but, he, you dont know how psykotic
> my teacher is.

Study and remember that the second thing that you learned in class is
dependant on the first. The third thing that you learned is dependant on the
second and the first... etc. Of course, if your teacher didn't follow that
pattern, then your school probably hired an English teach to teach your

Of course, the best advice is my first word: study

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