[LONG]Stock errors?

From: Ray Campbell (deadeye00@home.com)
Date: 01/25/00

Ok I brought this up a while back and George and myself had a long
discussion over it...
Originaly I thought these errors were to do with Dg Scripts for at
the time I was using the bpl16 w/ Dg Scripts and Oasis 2.tar ball....
So just in case people don't really check there syslog file all that
often I'd like to bring this up again, just in case I'm not the only

Below is the output from the Syslog upon boot up:
<All output in this email is from stock bpl16.>
/* SNIP */
Jan 25 23:10:39 :: Renumbering zone table.
Jan 25 23:10:39 :: Loading shops.
Jan 25 23:10:39 :: Loading help entries.
Jan 25 23:10:40 :: SYSERR: Zero bytes or less requested at db.c:627.
Jan 25 23:10:40 ::    515 entries, 6180 bytes.
Jan 25 23:10:40 :: Generating player index.
Jan 25 23:10:40 :: Loading fight messages.
/* SNIP */
Jan 25 23:10:40 :: Assigning spell and skill levels.
Jan 25 23:10:40 :: Sorting command list and spells.
Jan 25 23:10:40 :: SYSERR: Zero bytes or less requested at
Jan 25 23:10:40 :: Booting mail system.
Jan 25 23:10:40 ::    0 bytes read.
/* SNIP */

Errant lines...

-- act.informative.c --
/* SNIP */
   * first, count commands (num_of_commands is actually one greater than
   * number of commands; it inclues the '\n'.
  while (*cmd_info[num_of_cmds].command != '\n')

  /* create data array */
1627-> CREATE(cmd_sort_info, struct sort_struct, num_of_cmds);

  /* initialize it */
  for (a = 1; a < num_of_cmds; a++) {
    cmd_sort_info[a].sort_pos = a;
    cmd_sort_info[a].is_social = (cmd_info[a].command_pointer ==
/* SNIP */

-- db.c --
/* SNIP */
  case DB_BOOT_ZON:
    CREATE(zone_table, struct zone_data, rec_count);
    size[0] = sizeof(struct zone_data) * rec_count;
    log("   %d zones, %d bytes.", rec_count, size[0]);
  case DB_BOOT_HLP:
627-> CREATE(help_table, struct help_index_element, rec_count);
    size[0] = sizeof(struct help_index_element) * rec_count;
    log("   %d entries, %d bytes.", rec_count, size[0]);

  fscanf(index, "%s\n", buf1);
  while (*buf1 != '$') {
    sprintf(buf2, "%s%s", prefix, buf1);
    if (!(db_file = fopen(buf2, "r"))) {
      log("SYSERR: %s: %s", buf2, strerror(errno));
/* SNIP */

Tonight I decided to stray from my normal night of working on new code
to once again try to trap these erorors.... So I downloaded stock bpl15,
bpl16, and bpl17. (didn't bother to go any further back than that).
I configured and compiled, and to my surprise the same SYSERRORS occured
in the syslog upon boot up.  So now I know its not a Dg Scripts problem,
or an OasisOLCv2.0 problem... so now I start to wonder if its the OS.

I'm running on:
Linux Mandrake release 6.0 (Venus)
Kernel 2.2.9-19mdksmp on an i686
(uname -a will tell you the version you are using in Linux)

So if anyone has this OS/kernel, and can duplicate the problem
I have above let me know.  Also, if anyone has the same problem
under a different OS/kernel please also let me know (off the list

If anyone has any suggestions, words of wisdom, a gun I can shoot myself
or some help, then by all means speak up.

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