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Date: 01/26/00

Actually for some of those that have been around for a while
and know more about where things are, they might have refered him

hometown snippet by D. Burke

Robert Moon wrote:
> At 09:28 PM 1/25/00 +0100, you wrote:
> >Hello all...
> >
> >Im very new to coding in C and i want to add a thing to my mud so that you
> can place info about where you live and stuff in the score list....
> >I want this to be add when you do the character...but i dont know how?
> >
> >Can anyone be nice and tell me how to do this?
> While I'll be nice in how I reply, I won't -- and neither will anyone else
> on this list -- code for you.  What you want to do is not a simple one-step
> code addition and could be considered advanced for a newbie.  In fact, it
> incorporates several pertinent files.  My first suggestion is to read the
> FAQ of this list and then get yourself a book on C coding.  Thereafter,
> spend a few weeks looking at the code to determine the what/where/how of
> each function.  As nudge in the right direction, however, I'll point you to
> the relevant files.
> First, you'll need to modify structs.h to add the new CON_xxx state that
> players will enter when prompted for their hometown.  Then you'll need to
> add various #define statements that give values for each HOMETOWN_xxx.
> Then you'll need to modify interpreter.c to account for your new prompt of
> "Hometown?".  Then you'll need to modify constants.c to create a structure
> of the textual names of each hometown.  Then you'll need to modify
> act.informative.c to display the hometown in do_score.  Then you'll need to
> modify act.wizard.c to allow immortals to set a player's hometown....
> Understand now why people aren't just going to provide you with the "quick"
> code?  That's because there is none.  :)  Believe me, you'll learn a heck
> of lot more -- and faster -- if you trudge through and do it yourself.
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