Newbie Object Problem/Question

From: Robert Byer (
Date: 01/28/00

Newbie needs help.
(I'm better at coding and just started making/modifying areas and objects. :}

I've downloaded the CAW "Campus" (campus-1_23.tar.gz from the CircleMUD site)
and ran into the following problem.

When I add the area to my CircleMUD v3.0 beta patch level 17 I get alot of
the following errors...

    SYSERR: Object #8037 (a bottle) dosen't have drink type as first alias.
    SYSERR: Object #8039 (a shotglass) dosen't have drink type as first
alias. (glass shot shotglass)

    (rest deleted)

The code for the above two looks like....

    a bottle~
    A bottle with a brightly colored label sits here.~
    17 0 1
    4 4 1 0
    1 10 2
    This bottle has such greenish glass that you can't see if anything is
    glass shot shotglass~
    a shotglass~
    A shotglass has been discarded here.~
    17 0 1
    2 2 7 0
    1 15 4
    glass shot shotglass~
    This small glass looks like it owuld be emptied in a drink or two.

I've read some basic documentation on object creation, but can't figure out
exactly what the error message means.

I would appreciate any help on this as I'm just starting to learn how to
generate areas and objects.


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