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From: Lazarus DragonBlade (
Date: 01/28/00

To create a shop, you must create the objects you wish to be
sold(obviously), then create a shopkeeper mob. . . make sure that you
load the shopkeeper into the room that you wish to be the shop, and give the
items you wish to be sold to the shopkeeper. . in his inventory.
After doing this, you must enter the shop editor and enter the products
menu, and list the items you put in the mob inventory.

If you wish the shopkeeper to accept other items to buy, you must enter all
the appropriate information in the accept types menu.

The step that many people bypass, then wonder why their shops won't work. .
. is assigning the shop to a room.
Shops have their own Vnum. . it is NOT necessarrily the same number as the
room the shop is located in.  YOU MUST ASSIGN THE SHOP NUMBER TO A ROOM
This is option R....Room Menu

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