OT: vi problems (was Re: [CIRCLE] Swap file errors.)

From: Chris Gilbert (chris@buzzbee.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: 01/29/00

Alex Mann wrote:
> Hi for some reason I have started getting swap file errors on all of my
> files. This is the error it gives, it is the same on all the files.
> It appears when I try to vi the file.
> Write error in swap file
> "index" [dos format] 31 lines, 238 characters
> Press RETURN or enter command to continue

do you actually have some disk space free?  have you got write access to
the dir you're trying to edi the files?

vim (that's what linux uses for vi) creates temp files in the same dir,
with the ending .swp and the prefix ., eg fred.c becomes .fred.c.swp

a test for if you can write to a dir is to touch a new file, eg: touch
if you can't create a file then that's probably the cause.


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