Re: Easy Color

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/29/00

Phillip A Ames wrote:

> What you would do here, is insert something similar to 'strcat(d->output,
> "\x1B[0;0m");' in this code (which would append the 'normal' color code
> to the end of the string, making color return to normal no matter what.
> Then, the aforementioned code would look something like this:

This will cause strange characters to display on someone's screen if
their client does not support color.  A better solution is to use
CCNRM(d->character, C_SPR) which will check the player's color setting
and only send the normalize code if the player has color enabled.

Another way of doing it which I use is to simply normalize the color in

Regards, Peter

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