Problem with includes not available

From: bobat (
Date: 01/30/00

I am attempting to compile the circle30bpl16+DG7a+OLC from george's site on
a windows platform but I am running into a problem I don't know how to
solve, so perhaps someone here could help.

The sysdep.h file is trying to use include files that I do not have. First
it tried using the #ifdef STRINGS_H definition which is wrong for msvc 4.0
it should use the #ifdef STRING_H    now it is attempting to use unistd.h
which is not in msvc4.0 as far as I know, nor is crypt.h which when I
commented out unistd.h it tried using.

If anyone knows why sysdep.h would suddenly try using these variables when a
basic circle with oasis only compiles just fine with the old sydep.h file
found in august for circle30bpl16 please let me know.

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