Re: Wear positions

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 01/31/00

<< Okay i have two questions, I just added like 8 more wear positions to my
mud, with no problems they work great. but for some reason (i'm using bpl116
on win98) they wont save their positions when i log out, the original
positions save fine, just not the ones i added. also another question, i want
to make these extra positions i added permanant, meaning once you put
something there you cant take it off with out a piece of special equipment
(i.e. implants and an implant extraction tool) has anyone ever done this
before if so any pointers? thank you so much.

They're not saving because you haven't entered them into the auto-equip code.
 Find it and add your new slots.

As for'll want to probably make two obj flags: ITEM_IMPLANT and
ITEM_EXTRACTER - whatever.  Then add the necessary code in remove to not
remove implant codes, and add an 'extract' command to extract an implant when
you have the extracter.

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