[Circle]MUD give away

From: Brian Hartvigsen (hartvigsen@gci.net)
Date: 03/01/00

Me and a group of friendass started coding a CircleMUD and after about 6
months of messing with the code we decided to write our own base code from
cracth.  The thing is I don't want the code I did with Circle to go to
waste.  I want to give the code away and if i hadn't done it under Windows
I would put out patches for the differant things I add.  The MUD has Races,
a differant type of Nobility code, an 'organized' PK system, and some other
stuff.  The code itself needs alittle work (excpessially with the MakeFile
since Windows doen't use it) but I do believe it compiles fine other wise.
Anyone interested in this src code please let me know.  I'll zip it up and
send you the code.  If you want a certian part (nobility or PK) I'll send
you the .c and .h files for them.

It's been good knowing everyone and tring to help others.  I think I'll
stay on the list cause I *love* CircleMUDs and want to help people out
there the best I can.  Anyway,
Peace Out,

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