spell categories

From: Christopher Daly (snaga@mail.thewolvesden.net)
Date: 03/02/00

Hi, i posted a question about grouping skills and
spells in categories.  I basically want to be able
to make one check...is this a firespell? is it
an illusion spell(invisibility,faerie fire) is
it an affection spell(strength, fly) is it a
divination/detection spell(identify, detect magic).

Um i thought of just grouping all spells that are
similar in a range of numbers and checking against
those numbers, but that idea was riddled with problems.
Not the least of which is all those numbers are
reserved and say Do not change!

Another idea i'm toying with but not sure how to
implement is adding to the sinfo.  Maybe i could make
a field called type and some defines in utils.h to easily
group them by type.  I want to make races have certain
spell immunities, or weaknesses.

I don't know, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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