Re: [Off-Topic] PAM based SSH authentication was Crash Recovery Techniques

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/02/00

StormeRider wrote:
> Log into the server over telnet and it works. I'm working on finding a version
> of SSH that will support PAM based authentication so I can start the MUD
> up over SSH.

Any ssh server should work because it should use the same login as
telnetd uses and the authentication is part of the login which is simply
tunnelled through the SSH server (to the best of my knowledge).  The SSH
server I use is the one from  Make sure you install both the
SSH and SSH2 servers or it won't be compatible with many SSH clients
that use the SSH1 protocol (SSH2 is compatible but requires that you
install SSH1 first).  I Installed it with the RPMs so YMMV if you have
to compile, the install went quite seamlessly for me with no problems
related to PAM or shadow password authentication.

Regards, Peter

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