Re: Curse

From: Alexander Anikin (
Date: 03/03/00

> > > How do I add a quick check to the curse spell so that lvl_immortal
> > > and above can remove, drop, give, junk etc cursed items?
> >
> > if (GET_LEVEL(ch) >= LVL_IMMORT) ...
> >
> I better idea is to add a check for nohassle, not level. This allows a
> creator to turn off nohassle and then wander the zone and (almost)
> experience it as a mortal would. When coding anything that you want
> immortals to be immune to, it's a good idea to use nohassle, not level as
> the determining factor.

In any way use !IS_NPC(ch) in your checks so mobs would not be able to do
some things immos would be able to do.

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