[NEWBIE] OLC problem

From: Josh Anderson (joshua18@home.com)
Date: 03/04/00

    I'm having a problem with OasisOLC telling me upon every entry of an olc
command (zedit, redit, whichever)
that there is no zone for that room, mob, object, ... even if the room I'm
trying to edit is the room I'm standing in.
I had OLC up and running fine before I moved it from a windows machine to a
unix machine.  Everything else
works as far as I can see, that is the only thing that didn't make it
through the move.  I don't get any compiler errors;
I can run the mud, and it doesn't give me any core dumps when trying to use
the commands; it merely won't let me.
What I'm basically looking for, then, is somebody to throw out a few places
to check to see where the problem
might be...I know that I end up in olc.c, where this code is what spits the
line out:

if (subcmd != SCMD_OLC_AEDIT) {
     if (subcmd == SCMD_OLC_HEDIT && !save)
       OLC_ZNUM(d) = find_help_rnum(buf1);
     else if ((OLC_ZNUM(d) = real_zone(number)) == -1) {
       send_to_char("Sorry, there is no zone for that number!\r\n", ch);

Meaning that somewhere down the road I'm losing the number variable and its
just defaulting to the -1 that number is
initialized to, or maybe set to NULL someplace.  Aedit and hedit (I'm using
OLC+ with those programs included)
work fine.  It's the world mod commands that won't work.  Any help here
would be appreciated, and if the format of
this post sucks, I apologize in advance, first post to the list ; )

Josh Anderson

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