Re: Wiz Command Problem

From: Del (
Date: 03/05/00

1. Get the snippet that does mlist, olist, rlist. (lists things between
the ranges you specify)
   mlist 100 200 (lists all objects between vnums 100 and 200)
2. Grab obuild latest version and snag the zlist command out of it.
(lists all things in a zone)
   zlist mob (lists all mobs in the zone you are in)

Use either one, or compare it to what your doing.

Segment fault, hmm Dunno, big memory leak?

Deja Augustine wrote:
> Hey everyone, I have one WIZ command that I wrote that is giving me
> trouble...It's a command (written from scratch) that lists all the mobs or
> objs in a given zone along with their vnums...
> It will run fine, but after it lists a certain number of mobs/objs, it
> crashes the mud with a Segmentation Fault.  But it doesn't necessarily do it
> every time...
> Here is one of the conditions under which it crashed...
> -I typed 'mshow 100' to display the two mobiles in zone 100
> -I typed 'oshow 100' to display the five objects in zone 100
> -I typed 'mshow 30' to display all the mobs in zone 30 (a bunch)
> and it crashed...
> or, I also typed mshow 30 three times, and it crashed...
> Can anyone help me with this problem?
> There's a copy of the code at the bottom of this message...
> I also have one other question (more for clarification than anything else):
>       What Actually Causes A Segmentation Fault?
> Anyway, thank you for any help you can shed on this situation.
> ×Praetor×
> -------Here's the Code for the command-------

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