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From: Peter Babcock (
Date: 03/06/00

Also Watch for players push these mobs through portals
or summoning them to mobs with great eq that are normally very hard to kill


> Hello all,
> Just thought I would pass on an interesting error to you all.  Probably a
> brainer, but ...
> A couple of friends and I have recently setup (and are modifying) a copy
> Circle30bpl17, and with one of our first changes found an interesting
> situation to avoid.  If (like us) you wish to add a bit of flavour to the
> MUD by allowing mobs to attack mobs (such as evil mobs attacking good, or
> barbarians attacking the city, et cetera) MAKE SURE YOU LIMIT WHAT THEY
> With the simple change that mobs can attack mobs, our MUD crashed due to
> number of simultaneous combats that broke out as soon as the world
> initialized. (One combat happened to be an Orc Hunter beating himself to
> death, at which point the world core dumped, probably due to trying to
> EXP to a mob that did not exist.)
> So we changed it so a mob couldn't attack itself (duh), and that still
> too many combats.  (Same Orc Hunter, only this time killing another Orc
> Hunter.)
> Third fix was to make it so only mobs with a AGGR_MOB bit set (which we
> added) would attack other mobs, and then it would do so according to the
> regular AGGR* bits (AGGR_EVIL + AGGR_MOB means the mob will attack any
> mob it encounters).  This appears to work quite well, and allows scenarios
> were a PC (or group) can find themselves in the middle of a mob-vs-mob
> fight, or a defend the city type battle with the city guardsmen actually
> helping by attacking the "evil" barbarians, without having to worry about
> overloading the MUD.
> This change goes with our addition of a leader and follower flag in the
> files allowing you to specify leaders and their followers so you can
> setup such scenarios as the Captain leading Lieutenants, leading
> leading Corporals, leading Privates.  Give the Captain a special like the
> Mayor of Midgaard, and you have an army that will follow a specific plan
> battle.  If members of hte army start dying it breaks the "chain of
> causing the cut off sections to revert to normal mob behaviour. (kill the
> Captain, and the whole thing breaks down :)
> Anyway, just thought I would share these ideas and results with the list.
> Larry
> Aspiring Galactic Overlord and
> SphereMUD developer/alt. coder
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