From: Larry and Debbie-Lyn Robinson (
Date: 03/06/00

From: "George Greer" <>

> On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Peter Babcock wrote:
> >i need HELP :) (dont we all) one of our imps was editing
> >the Handbook and for some reason the mun crashed
> >and now we cannot get it started again
> >below is the error
> >
> >Mar  6 17:41:02 ::    2400 rooms, 172800 bytes.
> >Mar  6 17:41:04 :: SYSERR: Format error, room #-1, direction D0
> >Quick boot mode -- rent check supressed.
> >Using file descriptor for logging.
> That frequently means your file is empty.
> It can mean other things, of course.

yeah, like a dropped (or EXTRA) tilde (~) or a missing roomflag or roomtype,
or ...

I just happen to be trying to fix one of those myself.  As I type, even.


    Option ONE:  Comment ALL of the offending file, and uncomment it piece
by peice (what I'm currently doing) until the problem comes back.

    Option TWO: Comment the offending file a bit at a time, until the
problem goes away.

    figure out what is wrong with that particular room

check for extra ~, missing ~, missing params, invalid params, wacky
comments, et cetera

(can you tell I don't liek this part :)

Aspiring Galactic Overlord

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