Re: WIZ Command Problem

From: Zeavon (
Date: 03/06/00

On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Deja Augustine wrote:

> I tried using that method, I also tried checking with 'if(strlen(buf) +
> strlen(mob->player.long_desc) >= MAX_STRING_LENGTH)' and it still Seg
> Faults...
> I can't figure out what the heck's wrong with it...
> How can I keep the buffer from overflowing?  How can I clear the buffer when
> I'm done with it?

You should be getting a core dump, so use gdb to produce some debugging
information that we can use.... also, send us some code. Without the code,
we really can't do much but guess at a solution.

If you don't know how to use gdb, learn. I know there are web resources
for learning it, but I'm not sure what they are... check the FAQ or WTFAQ,
I think that they are in there.

PS: Learn to quote.... please.

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