From: Fafhrd (
Date: 03/07/00

  Hello all!
  Most all of the response to my offer, were for the code itself, and not
for the sake of continuing the project. A few expressed interest in what I
hoped, but I don't feel those had the ability nor resources to tackle it.
So, I decided to go a step forward, and a step back.
  I've posted the whole package to the main CircleMud ftp site, except it is
the pre Win98 client version. It uses my latest wilderness/mapping code,
before I scrapped that idea. Of the systems that are in, some are complete,
some are in various partial stages, and some are just stubbed.
  Perhaps after many folks have torn this apart, I'll find someone who is
willing and able to complete it. I'll then give up the more complete and
client based version.
  I don't much care about credits if you wish to pull chunks out for your
own use, just don't pull a Medieva on me.
  Tech support requests may or may not be ignored...


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