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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/13/00

> Im useing bpl17. I tried patching it in but it says only garbage is found.
        Are you using a *nix environment (like linux)?  Which type of
patch program are you using?  The standard 'patch' program for HP-UX and
others is for binary patches for systems upgrades, and you'll have to put
in the GNU version - I say this because I've never, ever seen an error
message of the sort:

patch: <name of patch file> - only garbage found
patch: exiting.

aside from that,

- Which patch are you patching in, exactly? Is it the correct patch for
  your version? Have you put in any other patches?  Did they work?

- You _DO_ know how to apply a patch right? Have you gone to and read the "How to patch"?
  (quick start -

- What are the exact errors you are receiving? (Cut and Paste)

- You _DO_ know how to program in C right?

- Assuming reasonable experience with the above, you have at least tried
  to make it work on a level beyond just typing 'make' repeatedly, before
  asking here right?

        If I'm starting to sound a bit sarcastic or cynical, I'm not.  The
fact of the matter is that it's YOUR mud, and while we're willing to help,
especially when the problem is well defined, no one likes doing someone
elses work for them - especially when it's a hobby.  Neither is it very
fun having to drill someone for information just so you can find out what
problem they're talking about so if you were in a charitable mood you
could give them a step by step since they obviously need help.  We
volunteer help, and the level of help is therefore often related to the
amount of effort required to assist...make it easier for yourself by
making it easier for us:

        Learn how to program.
        Learn how to patch.
        Experiment, learn, read (faq+etc), test,examine.
        As a final 'solution', post ALL relevant info.


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