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From: Minturn.Del.PRC.Oceana (Del@PRCOceana.Corona.Navy.Mil)
Date: 03/14/00

Please provide more details as to:
1. What you did.
2. What happened.
3. What errors you got.
4. What operating system your using.
5. More information you can give will help those help you.

As for the patch and how to use.. check the wtfaq and faq. It has a nice
section on how to patch.

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Subject: [CIRCLE] Clans

Hi friends.
I have taked a package to inlcude a clan system in my mud. This pack was in
contribe area. I have tried use it in bpl16, but it doesn't work. It was
made to work in bpl11. Anyone knows how can I use this patch in bpl16?

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