New developer design almost done.

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/15/00

My new design for the developer site is almost finished.  It has all of the
old content from the Ceramic Mouse in a more suitable format.  This new
site is doing less to be more.  Now it'll no longer try to have its own
content, but to provide a value-added index into the FTP site. There will
still be other informative content on it, but for now it's centered around
the FTP site and the software.

So the question is, should we have this be a user-modifiable index like we
do over at  To do this, every entry will have a password
(or associated username) that people can use to modify them.  The software
is designed for only the main CircleMUD FTP site so you cannot have
external links.  That's not a problem, just upload the file, we'll move it
where it needs to be, and then you can play with the entry.

The curious may go see the testing site:

Comments to the mailing list, for discussion.

George Greer

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