Re: [OFFTOPIC] Hosting Locations [ObjCircle/RoM] DIKU and EQ??

From: Alex (
Date: 03/15/00

> Has anyone been following the recent thread in
> Very interesting things about EQ (EverQuest) being based on DIKU....
> References:
> Michael Seifert (aka Papi from DikuMUD) --
We (the Developers of Circle) have been discussing this of late actually,
and have conversed with Seifert with respect to this situation.  As we
find out some more details on how we (or you) may be affected by this,
we'll let you know.

Up to that, I think that it is for the best if we do _not_ discuss random
rumours and whatnot on the list (or any other public forum for that
matter) in the case of any legal action actually being taken.  If you
do have any information that will aid the DikuMud team, there are
addresses on the pages that this information can be sent to.


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