Re: [newbie] question on zones

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 03/17/00

Does anyone out there no of a way in which you can make sure that someone
complete one script before they are able to carry on to ht next.
script 1)
look: for Hello
does: say Hello.

script 2)
look: how are you?
does: say I'm fine thanks.

At the moment you only have to say how are you to activate the second
script, without having to do the first on before. Is there any way of making
them have to say hello before being able to ask how are you!!

The reason i want to know is because i want to use them as quest scripts,
but the way they are now, people can skip the bulk and go straight to the
end :~(

Any help much appriciated.
(Highlord) 4000
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