Re: {newbie} medit not working properly and other question

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/18/00

> Ever time i try to set a mob level it keeps the same level it starts off
> with.  oh yah guess i should mention that it is opening a new mob and
> makes it level 2 right away. how do i go about fixing this problem.

        I haven't seen this problem before.  I can set both player and mob
levels in stock circle.  What do you mean "opening a new mob"?  Are you
setting it using "set <name> level <new level>" or are you trying some
other way?  Are you talking about using an OLC - or refering to direct
text editing of a world file to set mob level?

        Failing all that, I'd grep your source for level|LEVEL and the
number 2.  Maybe it's setting it deliberately, though I doubt it.

> And has anyone every tried taking out the gain command and making it
> when the player does reach a certain level that he automaticaly gains
> all the hp, mana and movement additions. if you can help me with some
> pointers that would be very helpful.

        Gain command..gain command....You're not using circlemud, or at
least a standard CM distrib are you?  This is good information to include
when asking questions to a for-the-most-part circle mud list.  To answer
your question, stock circlemud already does this. Just download it, and
the code is right there.

        You may want to supply more (usable) information next time, it
will allow us to better help you.


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