Re: {newbie} medit not working properly and other question

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 03/18/00

Okay sorry I didn't read t he full e-mail.

With the gain.  advance_level (since all it did was up the level , then up
the hp, mana, and mv) and we made hit points, mana, and movement gainable
only through training.  I believe I left advance_level in there just
commented.  Do a search for it and I think you'll find it.  If not I'll
send you the needed snippet.


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> > Ever time i try to set a mob level it keeps the same level it
> starts off
> > with.  oh yah guess i should mention that it is opening a new mob and
> > makes it level 2 right away. how do i go about fixing this problem.
>         I haven't seen this problem before.  I can set both
> player and mob
> levels in stock circle.  What do you mean "opening a new mob"?  Are you
> setting it using "set <name> level <new level>" or are you trying some
> other way?  Are you talking about using an OLC - or refering to direct
> text editing of a world file to set mob level?
>         Failing all that, I'd grep your source for level|LEVEL and the
> number 2.  Maybe it's setting it deliberately, though I doubt it.
> > And has anyone every tried taking out the gain command and making it
> > when the player does reach a certain level that he automaticaly gains
> > all the hp, mana and movement additions. if you can help me with some
> > pointers that would be very helpful.
>         Gain command..gain command....You're not using circlemud, or at
> least a standard CM distrib are you?  This is good information to include
> when asking questions to a for-the-most-part circle mud list.  To answer
> your question, stock circlemud already does this. Just download it, and
> the code is right there.
>         You may want to supply more (usable) information next time, it
> will allow us to better help you.
>                                                         PjD
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