[CODE] [OT] Multi-dimensional Arrays of Strings

From: Deja Augustine (PraetorXI@aol.com)
Date: 03/19/00

Okay, here's another question that I can't find any help for (AND YES I DID

I pride myself as a pretty good coder, but this one problem is bugging me
(and I haven't been able to find help for it anywhere else).

What's the syntax to declare and initialize a multi-dimensional array of

Here's the code I started out using:

const char *CLASS_SPELL[][NUM_CLASSES + 2] = {
{ "YES", "NO", "NO", "NO", "spell1", "1" },
{ "NO", "YES", "NO", "NO", "spell2", "5" }

That doesn't seem to be working quite right, so I was curious if anyone could
tell me how I could properly accomplish this task...


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