[newbie] camp command

From: Alex Mann (alex4501@hotmail.com)
Date: 03/20/00

I am looking for a way in which i can do one of the following. Either setup
a camp command to allow users to log out and re log in to the same spot, no
matter where they are. or . Autorenting for players rather then just player
equipment, i figured that is you can rent equipment, and then autoequip them
again, it should be even easier to just rent the vnum of the room they are
in, and then autoload them back into it. However i am not the greatest coder
and although great at coming up with ideas such as this , i wouldn't have
the first clue as to how to start coding it. Any one seen any code out there
for it, or who has done this already.
Any help please
naryan.mistcastle.com 4000
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