Newbie - I cannot enter my MUD for first time

From: Bartsch, Randy (
Date: 03/21/00

I finally configured and made my first mud and started it up using
program (i guess that is what im supposed to use??). (Yay) But when i enter
ip address and port 4000 in either zmud or telnet and try to connect, it
that i cant connect to that ip address on that port.
Im using circle 3.0 (the default port is 4000, so that's not the problem.)
i copied and pasted my ip address probably 20 times from 3 different
including the winipcfg program, so I believe i have the right ip address. I
can telnet and zmud to other people's muds so those apps work fine.
One problem that i may have introduced was that i compiled in linux and i
to run my mud out of windows 98. Can I do that? (linux wont recognize my isa

network card so i cant use internet in linux: long story nevermind).
Anyone have any ideas?

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